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Special Interest in Chronic Daily Headaches

Help For Headaches is a London-based non-profit organization and a registered Canadian charity that is committed to educational services for those suffering from and treating headaches.

What is our focus? Help for Headaches provides patients with suspected headache categories (symptoms to compare to), provides a Find-a-Headache-Doctor service (see right side of homepage) should you require a headache Specialist to intervene, plus free telephone and internet support (if resources permit). Please note that most headaches can be easily treated with assistance from your physician.

Our headache charity has recently taken a special interest in headaches that are chronic, frequent or continuous. Occasionally ‘headache patterns’ can be referred to as Complex. We are confident that answers to questions you may have about your headaches (understanding them or treating them) can be located in our new book Chronic Daily Headache.

The book Chronic Daily Headache involves research from around the World, with medical reviews and critiques from experts in the field of headache. It is authoritative and is intended for patients with an understanding of the complicated world of headache. Written for the lay person, many health professionals will find it useful. View Table of Contents.

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Topics covered in this book:

Book Review: Headaches That Persist
  • What is a Chronic Daily Headache (CDH)
  • Chronic Migraine
  • Chronic Tension-type Headache
  • Woman’s Issues
  • I am Breast-Feeding and am Searching a Natural Treatment
  • Acute Medicines
  • Preventive Medicines
  • Alternative Approaches
  • Co-existing Conditions
  • Headache Triggers
  • Tests
  • Headaches in the Emergency Room
  • Headache Hygiene
  • The Role of Your Doctor
  • Film: Chronic Headaches


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The opioids (narcotics) cause progression of the illness (Chronic Daily Headache), not termination, and will actually make the individual much worse over time. It is easier and quicker to give the patient a pain killer than to "get into the trench" and try solve the problem. Patients with chronic daily headache require time, diligence, and frequent access from their physician.

Interview: Dr. Joel Saper, MHNI
-from the book Chronic Daily Headache

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The book Chronic Daily Headache features
an article reviewed by a Headache Neurologist
entitled "Why Some Headache Patients do
not Improve"!